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  A fetus in a mother's womb gets nutrition from the placenta. We all know the placenta is a storage of supernutrition and energy that builds this miracle that is a baby. What most people don't know is that 70 percent of that supernutrition and calories are devoted to the growing of the baby's brain.

  Omega 3 DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is the major nutrient that contributes to the brain growth. So the intake of fish, nuts and seeds by a pregnant woman is of paramount importance to the baby's brain growth. Fatty fish is the best source of DHA. However, the price of fish rich in Omega 3 can be exorbitant for many women. And depending on where it was harvested, fish can also be contaminated with toxins from dumped wastes, with antibiotics if farmed in pens, or genetically engineered and fed with growth hormones.

  Fortunately, fish isn't the only source of DHA. Our body can metabolise DHA from Omega 3 ALA (alpha-linolenic acid). Foods high in ALA are chia seeds, flax seeds, nuts, lentils, sea vegetables, and green leafy vegetables. Of these, chia seeds are the most stable because of their high content of antioxidants.

  Do we ever outgrow the need for DHA? Never. Structurally, DHA forms the major part of our brain. To be precise, seventy-seven percent of our brain needs to BE Omega 3 fatty acids. Our brain's demand for Omega 3 does not decrease. From the moment we start our life, our brains constantly burn fat for its use, and must replenish its DHA stores by the second.

  So if someone calls you a 'FATHEAD', feel free to say 'Thank You', because you are one.

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Chia Seeds Named Brain Food

Dr Mehmet Oz, America’s celebrity heart surgeon, announced on his TV Show Dr Oz that chia seeds are a great brain food. Naming chia seeds as the No. 2 food best for brain, he said it clears brain arteries clear of plaque, and improves communication between brain cells.     

Here are Dr Oz's list of brainy foods.

Brain Boosting Super Foods

Brain Food 1: Lentils

Lentils provide us with a steady stream of glucose, which is what our brain needs when it is looking for energy. Dr Oz said our brain can only take sugar as energy, not protein or fat, but it has to be the right kind of sugar called glucose, which is what lentils contain. So eat lots of lentils to give your brain the ability to come up with new ideas and thoughts.

Brain Food 2: Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds are a great omega 3 fatty acid source and they contain more antioxidants than blueberries. Chia seeds, in addition to having lots of nutrients, help with communication between the cells in your brain. You can get Chia Seeds at the grocery for around $6.99/lb, according to Dr Oz.

Brain Food 3: Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are full of monounsaturated fat and magnesium, which is important for signal transmissions and for your brain to be able to communicate with your body.

Brain Food 4: Coffee

One study found that the caffeine in coffee products protects the brain against damage and keeps unwanted things out of your brain. Dr Oz said that our brains have a thin coating that separate our brain from the rest of the body, but this coating can get damaged, and the caffeine in coffee can help to repair the damage.









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